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So while I'm setting all of this up, I might as well tell you about my ride.

  • graffiticms.com - I know that this isn't all the hipsters think this project is dead, I still really dig the interface and am hoping that they get their act together this summer.
  • disqus.com - This is pretty much a must with any amateur style blog.  They have really feature rich comment system and make it easier for randoms to comment on your stuff without having to have a login on your site.  The conversations can also live outside of this world and easily can move to twitter, facebook, or on disqus itself.  Pretty nifty actually.  Maybe this is where wave.google.com will come in when it's released.
  • Sql 2k8 - Why not.
  • Still working out the theme and how I want it to look.  I'm thinking something pretty simple, mostly white, with little noise.

The integration between disqus and graffiti took about 5 minutes, and I pretty much did step for step from this dude's blog: simpable.com/code/disqus/.

I might add more info to this post as I go.


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