Really? Is it getting easier?

I've been working on a "green" fields project building an e-commerce system with all the latest trimmings: (win 2k8, 64 bit, MVC, Dependency Injection, Jquery)... The list goes on, but what I've discovered is that browser consistency is even worse than its ever been.  I remember only 3-4 years ago, you made it work in IE and then you took on mozilla, but screw the rest of them.  Now IE is the bastard, Firefox is the nice guy, and now Safari, Chrome, and mobile all are valid contendors. 

Why can't this be resolved?  Really, I mean why can't we kill off IE 6?  I remember asking the team last year at PDC and they definitely understand, but said there is a MSFT pasture cycle and its not time yet.  I think this is a bit of BS, especially now that Win 7 is on the loose.  Please help kill this scurge.  Make fun of anyone using this browser.  If you own a website, make it apparent to users that their browser sucks, along with the user:)

Why do web programmers have to code like it's 1995?  Maybe one day we won't.


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